CCTV Equipment

Our aim is to provide effective event CCTV so that you can be assured the area is being surveyed by high quality security cameras and monitored by qualified operators to give you peace of mind.

Our top of the range and latest in CCTV technology can be deployed and installed to your event to monitor security risks round the clock, 24/7. Great for use during the day and in low light, our weatherproof cameras will continue operating effectively to give your event 24h coverage.

Another great feature of the cameras is their audio functionality, enabling operators to issue verbal instructions or warnings. Importantly, the system also records the audio of the environment around it.

Fully robust and featuring infrared to detect movement for high security areas and alert the relevant person, our RedCop range is great for a variety of applications. They also boast the function of 30-day integrated storage, giving you the ability to view your recent recordings and refer back to them if required.

Call one of the Event CCTV experts today on 01245 429202 for more information on how you can hire CCTV equipment.

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