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Event CCTV provides a range of building sites across the UK with our sophisticated and integrated CCTV systems to ensure total coverage and improved security of all activities.

Fully waterproof, all of our building site CCTV systems are IP66 rated so you can be assured that they will withstand the elements. In addition, due to the complex and changing structure of a building site and the variety of dangers that come with it, our wireless CCTV cameras are the optimal solution to providing security in this sector, and they are available to hire for as long as you require.

We offer a free no obligation site inspection, demonstration and explanation so that we can detail what we can uniquely do for you and so that you can make your own decision from our range of options.

Improve the safety and security of your site with the CCTV cameras’ inbuilt ability to store an average of 30 days on them and also remotely view and control live coverage of your construction site via any tablet, laptop or phone with an Internet connection.

Contact Event CCTV today to find out more on our building site CCTV systems on 01245 429202 for how we can help you.

EVENT CCTV is a part of Communicate UK